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    Elliot Hackney

    Tell us who you are so everyone can get to know each other on the new TBPTV Forum!

    I’m Elliot Hackney, presenter of TBPTV and if you’ve watched an episode on TBPTV I’m sure you’ll of seen my ugly mug. If you haven’t, have a look here:

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    Dave Crowther-Green

    Hi I’m Dave, the other presenter on TBPTV. As Elliot said in the previous post, if you’ve watched any of the videos on the channel, you’ve probably seen me too.



    Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m 20, in the military and have been going to Stoke for as long as I can remember, the best part of around 15 years. I’ve taken our mighty colours all around the world and proudly worn us whilst travelling across China and again in New York. I’m an avid away fan and can’t believe how far we’ve come. Come on you mighty POTTERS!!



    Hi, Im Zak. Im a 20 year old Stokie, currently studying in Manchester. I kept my season ticket when i moved away to Uni so still make it back for the home games and get myself to as many away games as i can afford. The club has transformed so much over the past couple of years and I’m excited to see us progress further in the future. Goarn’ Stoke!!



    Hi I’m Karl I’m 27 as of next week.
    A season ticket holder in the South stand and have been for 4-5 years now, used to be in boothen but moved.
    I recently became a Dad so life is mad at the minute, getting my little daughter all new Stoke stuff so she’s a little Potter as well now.



    Hi, I’m Josh Ryder-Flint from Chesterfield! A little town near Sheffield, been a season ticket holder for 6 year! And guys, this website is brilliant and think the Wilko mug is brilliant! You should design more!
    Fantastic creation from you guys, the Bear Pit is brilliant and its expanded fantastically!



    Hi i’m Peder and i’m 21, i’m from Norway and live in Oslo.
    My father is the reason for my Stoke City loyalty, and the progress of the club has been tremendous, can’t wait to see where we will go in the future! Me and my father try to make it to Stoke during september and may for a Stoke game at the Britannia. The reason for why English football is so popular i Norway is beacuse of the betting games in the 70s where they showed games on TV and it has stayed since, with father passing their club loyalty to their sons.

    Love from Norway!



    Hi I’m James and I’m 18, from near London. However me and my dad are still season ticket holders in block 29 despite the distance and make the drive up for the home games and get to as many away games as we can. My whole family have been stoke fans for the last few generations after my Grandfathers uncle worked as a director of the club for a number of years and arranged for players such as Gordon Banks to send my Grandfather and Father birthday cards. Have loved growing up a stoke fan and is so exciting to see the direction theyre headin in now. Goarn stoke!!!



    Dan 26, season ticket holder in the boothen for the last 10 years



    Hi I’m Ethan and I’m 18. I was born and still live in Sheffield but I’ve supported Stoke all my life as my dad is from Stoke and takes me to as many matches as we can afford. The next game we are going to is Man City away, really hope we will still be fighting for a European spot by then as there is nothing like watching Stoke on ITV4 haha GOARN STOKE!


    Elliot Hackney

    Brilliant to hear from you all. Feel free to make new posts in the forum at will and tell other Stoke fans you know!



    Evening, I’m Joe, 26 from Meir. Some of you might know me from the Oatcake. I sit in the Boothen and regularly attend away games so I’m sure I’ve seen/met a few of you. My family have supported Stoke for generations and my great grandfather was a director who had made several surprising contributions to the club and it’s history. Keep that for another day. Up the potters.



    I’m Zach, I’m 26, I’m American. I went to a match at The Brit a few years ago and fell in love with the club (for some reason). I’m posting here in the hope that Elliot will have to send a signed Wilko mug across the pond. Very happy to see this website up and running. You can find me on Twitter @nolastokie.


    Elliot Hackney

    You pay the postage Zach and it’s yours!



    Hello I’m Chris and I’m an alcoholic..

    Like the vids and since shawcrossgate you guys are my main source of info. Just don’t get all Billy big bollocks like the bear pit mob 😉

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