Who is to blame for the Stoke City Transfer Fiasco?

As we all know, The Stoke City Transfer policy at the moment seems to be a bit of a shambles. Not only have we let the passion go out of the club (see my previous blog on my thoughts of that) but all we have signed is an ageing midfielder and an un-experienced left back that nobody knows if he can challenge Eric for the first team (God I hope he can).


Now, I have heard some people moaning on the BearPit page that Mark Hughes doesn’t know what he is doing, or that Coates is a tight ass and doesn’t want to splash the cash. One thing that I haven’t heard is that Tony Scholes who is basically the man to bring in the players doesn’t have the skills to do so. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts of that in the comments.

Whatever the position of your thoughts may be in, it is clear that someone may be at fault. And the recent outburst of Voldermorts brother about the trash within the club does actually ring alarm bells. But, business is business, and as a business man, I can kind of understand what is going on.

My thoughts (and I must stress they are only my thoughts) is that Peter Coates is being sensible, and his instructions are that if we are to spend any money, it needs to be sensible. And this is simply because he has lost all faith in Mark Hughes transfer dealings.

With Imbula, our most expensive signing ever, not even getting a sniff at the first team. Bojan being loaned out, Joselu being loaned out, Philipp Wollscheid defending like a baby giraffe and Berahino only finding the net after the ball hit the post and landed at his feet, I am hardly surprised why he has come to this decision, and in my mind, it is a sensible decision. Mark Hughes simply does not have the scouting sense that top managers have. This is why he was not given the money at Man City, this is why QPR was a farce for him. It is now starting to show at the mighty potters and I do think that the club has realised and has a handle on it.

If I was Mr Coates, I would be saying to Mark Hughes, you have had the cash, now make it work. Which is a bit worrying as he hasn’t made it work so far (apart from some glimpses of brilliance).

So, to answer the beginning question, who is to blame for the Stoke City Transfer Fiasco? Well, I think it’s the main man Mark Hughes, and not because of this transfer window. It is because of the previous 5 that we have had.

I am worried as a fan for the next season, I do think we will struggle, and sadly, I do think Voldermort was right for what he said about the club which is a bit of a shame. BUT, we are SCFC, and if we are in the Premiership or the Conference, we will still be SCFC. So instead of slagging off the club at every possible chance, let’s do what true fans do. Get behind the team, win lose or draw.

Peter Coates has got us here, let’s have trust, be the 12th man and push the team forward from the stands.




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