Twitter reacts: We don’t always beat West Brom

Well, there we are, another season, and more failures to beat a side managed by Tony Pulis. Everyone had so much hope before the game, day dreaming of a Berahino winner, in front of the away fans, letting Pulis know exactly what talent he had let go. Alas, it wasn’t to be and the capped one walked away with another three points from us.

I’m sure this one went down well on Twitter…

Again, I’d hate to say this jinxed it, but…

Oh, and this one. Can we all agree to not tweet about the end result before the game please?

Can’t believe what I am seeing here, team news positivity!!!

I mean, we started very well.

Almost too well.

[ctrl + c] [ctrl + v]


One of Pulis’ downfalls was this, so why have we reverted back to it?

Surprisingly, a certain Spaniard was the topic of many tweets again.

Your best gif’s of the week after an atrocious first half of football.


Finally, Stoke fans got their wish.

Safe to say his introduction went down well.



His return back to his prison didn’t exactly go to plan.

Did we really have any chance, really?

Summed it up perfectly here.

Fair analysis?

What’re your thoughts?

It’s not all doom and gloom Palace.

Nathan Shelley (@NathanSCFC)

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