Twitter reacts: Still unbeaten in the league in 2017!

14/01/2017 – A day that will go down in the history books. Stoke City, finally got a Premier League win at the Stadium of light, having only picked up a possible 2 out of 24 previously.

Let’s take a look into how the tweeters of Stoke City reacted to the match.

As said previously, the match for Stoke fans begins at 2pm.

So how did the team news go down? Well…quite well actually.



It was one most of us were expecting. But, how did Shaqiri ruin your dads day?

There’s always one.

So the game kicks off, and the Charlie Adam witch hunt begins. After one minute, that must be some sort of record.

Most of us were expecting the usual capitulation at the Stadium of light, however, this never came.

Then before we knew it…

Stoke City or Brazil?

I’ll let you decide…

Marko Arnautovic, our saviour.

So surely the Sunderland fight back was coming closer, I mean they do play their best game of the season whenever we roll up onto Wearside.

We could do no wrong…oh.

If found, please return to the bet365 Stadium where someone will be waiting to collect them.

Some were getting rather worried since their first went in, because it’s not a Stoke win if they don’t make life difficult for themselves.

Weren’t we all?

Can’t we all just be happy that we’ve finally broken our Sunderland duck?

We’ve got Ngoy…

What a win!! Right?

Under-23 midfielder thought so…

How did the players react?

Yes, it did actually happen.


Nathan Shelley



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