Twitter Reacts: Season over, Hughes out?

Here we are fresh off a, quite frankly, embarrassing 0-2 home defeat at the hands of Wolverhampton Wanderers, let’s see how this went down in the Twitter world.

The afternoon for most Stoke fans doesn’t start at 3pm, when Crouch rolls the ball from the centre spot, for one of his few completed passes of the afternoon. Oh no, it all begins at bang on 2pm, where hopes of seeing, Bojan, Arnautovic and Shaqiri all playing together once more are usually dashed.

However, this time, Mark Hughes didn’t crush our dreams this week, this is how some of the fans reacted at 2pm this afternoon.

The words thousands of Stokie’s had on their lips this afternoon “Would love a cup run!” Well, Well…

However, there’s always one who tries to dampen the spirits.

However, TBPTV owner took the chance to have a sly dig at Mark Hughes’ comments from yesterday.

So, we have Bojan, Shaqiri and Arnautovic all starting infront of Imbula and Afellay, easy win and onto the next round then? Well, this is Stoke, and you should all know by now that we never make life easy for ourselves…

Just to make this even worse for you all, Wolves weren’t even at full strength.

So half time rolled around, and that had Stoke fans thinking of how this could possibly get any worse, if it could. Well, this is Mark Hughes were talking about, it always gets worse.

Many of us now thinking that was the last time we’d ever see our beloved Catalan in our famous red and white.



Or do you agree with this one punter and believe it was “superb management” really?

So Bojan and Imbula off, you’d have thought we’d of kicked on from this and tore through Wolves like they weren’t even there. Oh.

That’s it. Our FA cup dreams on halt for another year. The season already over before the January transfer window.

This result called for numerous managers names to be thrown into the hat, who do you think should replace Mark Hughes if he were to go? Mancini seems to be the one.



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