Parking the Bus

Having been a season ticket holder for I think 19 seasons and of all but two had a parking badge, I like many of the people who park at the ground, have probably spent more time staring at a fat man in a High Vis jacket waiting for him to lift a barrier than I have looking at loved ones. In all those seasons the parking has never improved. There are more people in High Vis jackets, and not all of them are overweight, which I suppose is a plus. But their actual purpose seems to be on a par with Kardashians.

I am fortunate enough to have been to many different types of sporting events and large parking events (I know I’m fun at parties). At a Denver Broncos game where there is twice the number of cars I was still out quicker than it takes for me to leave the South Car Park. At the Open cars were marshalled out one by one. There was no slowly edging forward while you destroy your clutch, desperately trying not to make eye contact with the person you are not letting in because you are angry at Hughes bring on Crouch.

I’m not saying I’m the messiah of traffic management but there are people who are and Stoke need to contact them. There are parking stewards everywhere just standing around doing sweet fuck all. At the Watford game I asked one if I could turn left on Stanley Matthews when leaving the south Car Park, it is considerably quicker when wanting to head north on the D road. But computer said no, even though the next car and the car after that headed towards the Stadium.

I have complained to the club before, but like most things the club will never do anything to fix it. Probably because they don’t know it exists, as they leave when all the fans have left. This complaint just adds to the long list I have about the club off the pitch. My first ever article I did for BearPitTv, I complained how long will it be before the club to realise their potential. To get rid of this small club mentality that plagues everything we do. I know I sound like a whiney bitch and the club does some amazing things for the fans; the same price season tickets, the free bus travel for away games and the service they did for fellow BearPitTV blogger Zach when he had his stuff stolen. Although even with these good points it still feels like Stoke continue to drag their feet on issues that aren’t player related.

By bad tempered Dan

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