Twitter Reacts: Shaqira Shaqira!

Oh boy, I can see you scoring free kicks and it’s driving me crazy. Too much? Yeah I agree probably is, but here we are again looking back at how the ‘twittersphere’ reacted to another 2-0 win.

The day began slowly and goals were hard to come by for all teams in the Premier League, but when Shaqiri whacked home his first most were in agreement that it was worth the wait.

Even people’s champion Gary Lineker was impressed.

Even the most negative of Stoke fans were suitably impressed.

The home fans supporters new this was coming however, and revealed as much on the Wizards of Drivel Podcast.

Then it happened again with a wonderful free kick, but most were finding the whole routine a little monotonous.

Shaqiri had finally dragged Stoke out of the relegation zone, and there was only one suitable dessert option in the Potteries this weekend.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make Elliot’s party, speaking of disappointments not turning up we were all quite pleased that neither of these two made it onto the pitch this week.

Understandably jealous Hull fans even compiled beautiful montages of how fantastic XS22 was on the day, feel free to try and catch up with the amount of times I’ve watched it (currently 146).

Hull fans we’re very congratulatory of our, always, fantastic away support, but unfortunately their own clubs effort to get the crowd going fell on deaf ears (or would blind eyes more accurately describe it?).

So there it is another fantastic performance and result. But before we go our separate ways for another week, here are some monstrosities to get you in the Halloween mood.

Compiled by Tom Thrower

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