Twitter Reacts Is Back!

Finally a win! And what better way to relieve a win than a review of, a somewhat Joe Allen dominated, Stoke Twitter.

The day could not have started better as the main man himself stopped for a photo with the hottest piece of Stoke memorabilia.

And suddenly 8 minutes in Stoke went one up, and with half time approaching our lord and savior ‘Wee Joe’ stepped up to bang home another.

Some managed to capture live photos from the match, which may infringe on Premier League copyrights.

Meanwhile, head of the Bear Pit, Elliot Hackney signed himself up for another homage of a Stoke legend.

Some fans thoughts jumped ahead to future awards, and the effect Allen’s brilliance would have on the squad morale.

But spare a thought for Jamie Vardy, after his side’s three nil thumping something like this would be the last thing he wanted to see.

Some managed to perfectly sum up the true deity-like ability of the Welshman.

Worryingly, however, some chose to brake rank and talked about some other Stoke players doing well, this is unacceptable behavior and must be stamped out.

The effect of 140+ days without a league win had clearly got to some Stokies, although some comments may have taken our win slightly too far.

It’s so nice to finally get to wake up on a Sunday morning with Stoke having won, all thanks to our magic man Joe Allen, who has finally stepped into the limelight, casting mere imitators into the shadows.

Compiled by Tom Thrower

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