Monday Night Football: A History

The fixture list compiled with the Sky Sports Elves Goblins, has given Stoke our first appearance on Sky Sports’ feature show Monday Night Football. After the last match on MNF, the ‘great’ Red standoff, many are worried Stoke’s clash with Swansea will end the same way, so let’s see what warnings we can get from a breif history. Fun fact we didn’t feature once on MNF in Hughes’ first season so we can skip straight past that.

29th September 2014 Stoke 1 Newcastle 0

A Peter Crouch header from a Victor Moses cross gave the Potters the win in a match where only 4 shots on targets were managed a piece despite a grand total of 28 attempts. Hardly a thrilling occasion, and highlights were few and far between, lets all keep our fingers crossed that we get a slightly more exciting encounter.

22nd December 2014 Stoke 0 Chelsea 2

Stoke were overturned by the future champions, in a characteristic domination by Jose Mourinho’s side. An early goal from Terry and a late one from Fabregas sunk the Potters, whose main highlight was a robust Phil Bardsley challenge that the Chelsea bench got overly excited about.

19th October 2015 Swansea 0 Stoke 1

Stoke’s first appearance on MNF in the 2015/16 season came against this Monday’s opponents. An early Bojan penalty gave the Potters their third victory in a row, to put an awful start to the season to bed, doesn’t that sound familiar?

28th December Everton 3 Stoke 4

Okay so technically this game wasn’t on MNF the show, but it was an unbelievable game of football that happened on a Monday. This game involved Shaqiri’s only none beautiful goal, but also his best! That audacious chip that left the entire ground in an eerie silence. If we get anything close to a this game we are in for one big treat on Monday night.

18th April 2016 Stoke 0 Tottenham 4

Spurs scored, then they did it again, then they did it again, then they did it again, then they waited four months and scored again, and again, and again, and again. Anyone else glad we don’t have to play them again until February?

So there it is 5 games, 3 wins, 2 loses hardly any solid empirical evidence to go on. But hopefully the former Swansea result can be matched and the Potters can achieve another 3 points to make it 3 wins out of 3.

Written by Tom Thrower

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