We’re Stoke City and Everyone Hates Us

With both the Mirror and Daily Express writing articles that verged on insulting it is time for the siege mentality to return to Stoke City. Ignoring the debate that surrounds our manager it is time for every fan to make the atmosphere for this crucial clash as confrontational, against the opposition of course, and loud as possible. Some excellent pieces have already been written on the atmosphere, and I direct you to read the Wizard’s and Duck Magazine’s take on this after you’ve read my thoughts.

The Brit bet is at its loudest when something goes against us. We have had smatterings of this so far this season, the stand out being after Mark Hughes was sent to the stands in the Spurs game, and as a whole the volume appears to be increasing. But much like Sparky’s squad the fans have not yet had their ‘90 minute’ performance, and for those attending the game it is time to give it your all for 90 minutes. It is well and truly time for the Bear Pit to return, and to truly bring it back an attitude of Stoke versus everyone is required. So to encourage this I have collected some light ‘encouragement’ for this attitude.

First we go to the Mirror who ran an article late last night claiming the squad were unhappy with Wilfred Bony’s attitude in training. Surprisingly enough no direct quotes were included to prove this (how surprising) and it appeared to simply be thinly veiled racism. This was as much as confirmed as Hughes opened his press conference by rubbishing the claims, and indicating just how pleased the club is with “Daddy Cool’s” effort and work rate. This needs to be viewed as the national media attempting to unsettle our side, and kick us while we are down. Every fan needs to get behind Bony and roar him onto the hat-trick we all want him to score.

Next came the insulting predicted league table from the Daily Express. Placing Stoke at dead last with only 6 points, claiming we will not win a match all season. Arguable the most demeaning, ridiculous and, of course totally, nonsensical article that has ever been written about the club. This is on par with Paddy Power paying out on our relegation after that opening defeat to Bolton way back when. This table will no doubt be printed out, placed on the dressing room wall, and will give Hughes’ team talk for him. If this does not make the fans mad then I do not know what will, but let’s have a look at some other examples.

One that personally angers me is Pulis’ dismissal of his own success at Stoke. In his brief spell of unemployment (between leaving Palace and joining the Baggies) Pulis was asked what his greatest managerial success was. His promotion and securing of Premier League status with us? That amazing cup run, where victory was denied by money bags Man City? Reaching the knock out stages of the Europa League? Not one of these, instead he suggested it was keeping Palace up the season prior to his resignation. How demeaning and insulting, to pick a side who he had not even completed 12 months at over all of his success over his many years at Stoke. Lets spoil his 100oth game, that the media are all to keen to talk about now he has left the unfashionable Stoke.

Finally, Johnny Evans. If you haven’t seen, Mr. Evans has made it clear in the local press that he believes victory at the bet365 is assured, due to our wingers lack of tracking back. Stoke fans obviously know that we have some of the most hard working wingers in the league, and that Arnie has, in fact, completed more tackles than Evans this season. Evans should be booed with every touch he makes, as this attitude is insulting to fellow professionals and is simple incorrect.

So there it is Stokies, hopefully that is enough to make you as pissed off as I am. If it has, take this attitude into the match with you tomorrow, if it hasn’t just remember how happy Arsenal fans are that we are underperforming. With our raucous support Stoke will only improve, so just remember were Stoke City and everyone hates us.

Written by Tom Thrower

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