Twitter Reacts: Black Monday Transfer Madness!!

We’ve done some business in the transfer window and just like buses two have come at once. It appears that our transfer team has gone off the rails and are attempting to sign all of our targets in one day, with the securing of Sobhi and Allen taking our outlay to around 15 million pounds. The club teased fans by issuing an entirely noncommittal and nonspecific notification.

And for some Stokies this was just too much after going the entire summer without any official news on transfers.

But then the news finally broke, and the reactions to it were wide spread. Jase from the Wizards of Drivel and I were simply left feeling relieved after we had both totally cursed the Redmond deal by saying it was done.

And elsewhere it was sheer elation, and what better form of joy is there than finding an appropriate GIF.

Puns were abundant, and clearly had been planned and perfected over the long transfer saga.

For some Al Ahly fans, however, the pain of saying goodbye to their wonderkid was just too much.

Just to top it off Egyptian legend Mido gave us this comment to get the mouth-watering.

Although it wouldn’t be Stoke without making a slight mistake, and we did so in our Arabic post in which we had the writing going in the incorrect direction (not going from right to left). Leaving some people rather red faced, but fortunately this did not spoil the party atmosphere.

Oh and as if it couldn’t get any better this was later reported.

And some fans just simply couldn’t contain their excitement.

Early this evening Liverpool press confirmed the news, and Stoke fans began to react to a second signing of the day and transfer window.

However, petrifying news began to break about Marko potentially sealing a switch to Everton.

Yet flaws were indicated in this transfer news and later in the evening the sentinel began to pour further water on the flames of these rumours.

This did not deter Stoke, as, like clockwork, the club announced the signing of the Welshman affectionately known as ‘Wee Joe’; this sparked pandemonium in light of the worrying news about Marko.

Finally to end our look through this extremely hectic day, a tweet that summarises the change we have experienced as our club.

Written by Tom Thrower

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