Twitter Reacts: Arnie Signs 4 Year Deal!

Twitter Reacts to… Simply the greatest news ever.

So unless you have been living in a bush or on a holiday thousands and thousands of miles away you will have seen that this gigantic news story broke.

No, seriously this happened.

There had been flickers of evidence throughout the ‘Twitterverse’ that this deal was due to come.


But when the news finally broke some Stokies just couldn’t control their emotions.

And for most it was simply tears, lots and lots of tears.

Arnie even wrote a beautiful message, which only ended in embarrassing sobbing at the work desk for most of us.

Oh and how can I forget the GIFs all of the wonderful, wonderful GIFs.

The lads themselves were clearly over the moon, with Muni and Joselu summing up the entire clubs feelings.

Stoke fans were quick to rub this announcement into the noses of Everton, a club whose fans have been particularly annoying during this summer.

However some Potters have not been so keen on Arnautovic signing a new deal and would have preferred to see him go elsewhere, yet this tweet deals with their opinions swiftly.

So what a wonderful few days to be a Stoke fan and hopefully a good performance against Orlando will continue that momentum. Quickly before I go let’s just remember one very special idiot who is overjoyed at the news that Arnie will be staying at Stoke.

Written by Tom Thrower

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