Oh God Not Macron

“Oh god not Macron!” we all cried, even I cried. Stoke fans have a habit of slating things before they are given a chance. Look at the hostility Hughes got when he got hired. I’m not riding my high horse here, I myself was critical of the news that we would wearing macron for the next five years. But they look smart and I am loving the attention we are getting from the Italian sports wear manufacture.

But what will happen in the next five years whilst wearing this continental thread? This season has been one of mixed emotions, whenever Stoke seem to take a step forward we take a step back days later. Be it injury or be it just poor form and bad decisions. The start of this season was a tough one we went six games with out a win, and it’s been six league matches since we last won. Should this really be the results of a team who have the European stars of Shaqiri and Bojan amongst their ranks?

Well the answer isn’t black and white as many believe. If we compare our selves to Leicester it would be stupid, Leicester is an anomaly, if you ever thought Marc Albrighton would win the Premier League you should have been sectioned. The teams we should compare our season to are Southampton, Swansea, Everton and Crystal Palace. These clubs all have similar budgets, although Everton next season maybe bigger than all of ours with their new owners. If you compare us to these teams we are in the middle, Southampton miles in front and arguably having a fantastic season, Everton and Swansea just a couple of points behind us would be disappointed with where they are in the league, just like we are. Crystal Palace have been having a similar season unable to gain momentum to string results together, but they are in the FA cup final.

The Premier League is changing; the clubs which use to dominate are now shadows of their former selves, look at Chelsea they are on equal points with us, Liverpool came so close to winning the league two years ago, are now excited by the prospect of the Europa League. Clubs that no one would have given a chance two years ago are now pushing for bigger and better things. Watford, who if it was not for Leicester would arguable be the biggest under dog story of the season.

Next season will be huge for the potters. Leicester, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, West Ham, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool, Everton, Swansea and Southampton will all be trying for Europe, and our inconsistency this season will not allow us to break into this elite club. We have some great players who are not preforming, the most recent fixtures proves this they are coasting towards their holidays, this needs to change. You can see that there is a divide amongst the players, you get the feeling that there is no unity amongst the players, but rather small cliques who very rarely stray from their heard. You look at Leicester success and their team spirit was a lesson to all teams.

So during this summer do we look for former European elites who arguably come to Stoke in attempts to restart their careers, or do we go for players who are hungry and determined through all odds. Basically more Walters or more Shaqiri? Discuss.

Writte by Dan Morris

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