Stokies Around The World: Joao Pessoa, Brazil

In Brazil, football is a sport that almost all people love. With me it is no different, I love football. But my love for football is much greater than some game. I love beautiful football, flashy football. No doubt English football is one of the most beautiful and most exciting in the world. My love for Stoke is great, I love this team. But as I say, it is not easy to support Stoke in Brazil. We do not have support, information and much less publicly known. I know very few fans of Stoke City in Brazil. So it’s not easy to find information, trivia, facts, images, and video available. I’m not good at English (You may have noticed that), so it is quite hard to find the information I seek. It makes my love for Stoke no smaller, I love this club, so I go to the background behind content on my social profiles.

The Stoke games are usually not broadcast on Brazilian TV (only transmit when playing against big teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, United, etc …), so I have to always watch the games online, and it is very difficult for my internet is not always good, or I can not find a stream. But despite all this whenever I manage to get to see the game and update all my social profiles. Monday for example (18.04.16) I watched Stoke v Tottenham on TV, but for the game against Southampton for example had to see for stream on the internet. The Stoke games usually are at lunch time in Brazil. It is bad to always watch and monitor the games, but I do not care, because I love this club and I will watch the games no matter what time is. The defeat to Tottenham and Liverpool, and Man City hurt a lot in me, but I know this club is not limited to these games. Stoke is much larger than that, and I know we will have a comeback next season and win a coveted spot in the Europa League.

Despite all difficulties, I will never give up this team. Never cease to support, I never fail to create content for Stoke City. If I have a dream to see a game at the Britannia Stadium? Certainly! I do not know when, but as soon as possible, I will do everything to go to Stoke-on-Trent and see a game of the Potters.

One of my goals is to increase the visibility of Stoke in Brazil, and there is every day, I know I have achieved it. The feedback has been fantastic, both Brazilians, the British who have praised my work, it makes me very happy, and it is certainly greater reason for which, every day, I keep loving and creating content about Stoke. I love this club and I love what I do. In more than a year of Twitter profile @StokeCityDepre, and a few months ago also in @PottersBrasil, always posting and writing to this wonderful club. I thank all who accompany me for being fantastic, thanks to The Bear Pit TV for the opportunity to write this blog. I can not fail to mention some players who have given me feedback on some posts, such as Joselu, Muniesa, Bojan, Imbula, Andy Wilkinson, Dionatan Teixeira (they follow @PottersBrasil and gave me congratulations for one year of @StokeCityDepre), Cameron and the most special of all, Jack Butland. Thank you!

Written by Iaco Lopes. Be sure to go follow his accounts @PottersBrasil & @StokeCityDepre!

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